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Ocean Freight Services

Worldwide Freight Shipping has performed incomparable excellence with its offerings of ocean freight services …

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Air Freight Services

Need a one-stop solution for your international air freight and forwarding needs, whereas a faster, safer and  …

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Road Freight Services

Our Rail Freight and Inland Road Freight services have been designed for those who want a highly affordable…

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Courier Freight Services

Worldwide Freight Shipping is one of the leading  courier freight services and logistics service providers in …

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About Worldwide Freight Shipping

Worldwide Freight Shipping consolidates your transportation needs with a professional and dedicated team to manage your freight shipping at the highest quality.

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  • Flexible and competitive freight shipping rates
  • Domestic and Worldwide Shipping Services
  • Door to door delivery cargo services
  • Ocean, air, rail, road, LTL and truckload
  • Experienced and friendly staff
  • Quality Guaranteed Services
  • Worldwide Shipping From China 

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Our experience with Worldwide Freight Shipping has been one of complete satisfaction. The company comprises of highly dedicated and skilled professionals that make a sincere effort to cater to our requests.Allan Wright, Massachusetts, USA

I rely only on Worldwide Freight Shipping Company for all my import related needs in China. Working with WFS is always a pleasure. Having interacted with the company for nearly 7 years I have noticed that they work with clockwork precession. Everything in the company is streamlined to perfection.

Anna Hoffmann, Hesse, Germany

Worldwide Freight Shipping - Affordable and Reliable Logistics & Cargo Ship Services – Shipping From China

Worldwide Freight Shipping countries

Acquire Assiduous services from us – The Worldwide freight shipping!!!

We, the worldwide freight shipping is offering an integrated package of the high quality services for transportation, freight and shipping to our clients by our team of experts and professionals, so as to satisfy them. We are considered to be an excellent freight forwarder in China, because of the excellent services provided to our clients. We are a multinational shipping and logistics company in China. We follow a streamlined approach and provide customized services to our clients in the quickest turnaround time.

We provide services to both the large as well as the small scale companies. It may include families, government agencies, individuals, etc. Our services have been designed in such a way that it caters all the needs of our clients. We have worked hard to achieve a good reputation among our clients and for which we are striving for. The reason of being a choice for the clients is the ideal services provided by our highly experienced and perfectly trained team of individuals who are working with dedication and cohesion to serve them, delivering the cargo from the source to the destination in a quicker time and ensuring them with a 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction.

As already mentioned above, we offer services to our clients at the international level as well. So, below mentioned are some of the global freight services provided by us:

  • Ocean freight services
  • Road freight services
  • Air freight services
  • Courier services
  • Custom clearance services
  • Warehousing and distribution services

As we-the worldwide freight shipping company is always ready to serve our clients with their excellent services, so we are offering our clients in China as well as outside. We have our headquarters in Shenzhen along with its several branches in different cities of China. We are offering our clients with China’s cargo shipping services without making any compromise.

Worldwide shipping from Vietnam & China is a licensed freight and shipping, forwarding company licensed under the People’s Republic of China’s MOC and liable to offer services to the clients at an international level. We offer our clients with a widespread network and provide them with high quality and reliable services at easily affordable price for making the shipment of their cargo.

We are a diligent freight shipping provider in China, providing our clients with flawless freight and shipping services in China. We are fully dedicated to providing our clients with a one-stop solution for all the freight and shipping requirements. Our company has become a better and the right choice for the clients who have experienced our services. Other than freight and shipping services, we offer our clients with the facility of storage of the cargo, delivery of the cargo, etc.

So, what are you waiting for now??? If you are looking for a reliable and affordable logistics and international freight and shipping service provider, then do not go to anyone except the worldwide freight forwarders, as we follow a streamlined approach to get satisfactory results.

The export and import business model is quite complicated and challenging and this is reason why it is important to have partners who deliver excellent services. A freight forwarder who understands the complexities of international business is the best you can contact. Our services save you time and money in the long run. Services offered are undertaken with utmost professionalism and we do our best to ensure that everything is done within the periphery of law. We can help you ship from china and deliver products at designated entry points; and also, organize the goods to be transported to specific locations.

We have a well coordinated system and contacts of reliable carriers on the market. Whether you want your goods shipped by road, air, or water, we will deliver in a timely manner. Our experts are well versed with the licensing procedures and we always get products through customs without any complications. Based on our experience in the industry we do add value to the services rendered. For instance, we can help with cargo insurance, tracking shipment, and even document a history of all your transactions over a period of time.


A reliable freight forwarder is one who has the ability of offering high-volume rates and it is for this reason that our company leaves nothing to chance. You only need to take advantage of flexibility, spot rate markets, and you will save a lot of money in personnel. The best thing is that they are no contracts, so you can also get services on credit terms. Our company does not only investigate and plan for the best carriers and routes, but also arranges for the best packing and negotiate contracts. We will obtain relevant documents for you including insurance and arrange payments for freight. Our services will definitely help you get the most out of your business venture at the most competitive price on the market.

Worldwide Freight Shipping Team