Worldwide Freight Shipping is China’s preferred International Shipping and Logistics Company. We are dedicated to serving our international clientele with streamlined and highly customized services that yield speedy turnaround time. We provide solutions that are designed to cater for companies — be it small or large — including government agencies, families and individuals. The secret behind our ability to provide a flawless service is by forming a team of our highly trained individuals who can work in perfect cohesion to ensure that all cargo is delivered to its destination on time and in mint condition, guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Our global freighting services include the following:

Since our Headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Worldwide Freight Shipping also possesses affiliate branches located in every major city across China. This has afforded us a better network, and in-turn provides our clients with more affordable rates for shipping their cargo.

Worldwide Freight Shipping is a highly implored international cargo forwarding company licensed under the People’s Republic of China’s MoC, granting us the authority to perform all freight forwarding and logistics services internationally. We are committed to providing you with a convenient one-stop solution for all freight forwarding requirements.

If you require a Chinese shipping and logistics provider that provides professional and reliable services to streamline all freight forwarding operations to take the hassle out of your growing business, look no further than Worldwide Freight Shipping!


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