We have all had that type of clients who need their stuff shipped fast and delivered on time, since they are in a hurry and they cannot tolerate any kinds of delays. Well, in this case, instead of opting for a sea freight shipping service, they will always opt for the air freight and that’s because it’s always faster. While it’s true that this is a bit more expensive than other shipping methods, there are many pros to it as we’re going to see below.


Obviously, speed if the number one advantage of going with an air freight shipping service. These services are time definite, meaning that you are going to receive your order within a specific time frame. In the rare cases where the order is delivered later, you may qualify for a full refund. Just make sure though that you go with a reliable shipping service in order to avoid delays and lose, in the process, a lot of money and even your clients’ loyalty.

Less packaging needed

If you have used these services before, you probably are aware of the fact that you don’t need to use as much packaging for your items as you would use when it comes to considering other shipping methods. This not only saves you a lot of time that you would otherwise have to waste packing the item, but you can also save money on packaging.

Track your package anytime

When you can hardly wait for a package to be delivered, it’s natural that you want to know where it is at any given time. Well, thanks to the fact that air freight services have tracking embedded, this means that you can easily go online and check the status of your package. You can see where it currently is and also check the events on the online tracking tool. Also, in some cases, you may want to change the route a bit and what’s great about this is that it can be done with just a simple phone call. You can tell the shipping company where you’d like them to deliver it and they’re going to comply with your request.

As you can see, shipping items anywhere using an air freight service is certainly a much better idea when you want the items to arrive at their destination within a specific timeframe.