Procure diligent and reliable custom clearance services for the worldwide freight!!

Being an international logistics and transportation service provider, the world wide freight also offers a provision of custom clearance services to its valued clients. It is understood that it is quite typical for a distribution company to put up with the serious custom clearance hassle, requiring a

huge amount of money, time and efforts to complete. So, as a solution to this problem and take you out of this hassle, we are providing a guaranteed and convenient one-stop solution for you and your business.

The worldwide freight shipping has a team of highly efficient and trained professionals who work in cohesion with other customs brokerage teams stationed at every railway, express, airport and seaport across China so as to ensure a better and streamlined network for the export and import needs of our clients. We are not only proficient in management of customs clearance, but also in troubleshooting in case of any problem during the process.

The services offered by us are highly appreciated and trusted all over the world. Our services are cost effective, flexible, customizable and integrated. Our team performs a number of tasks, so as to provide you with a fast and cost effective service. These services include:

  • Filling up of Performa invoices
  • Filling declarations
  • Management of import and export clearance tasks
  • Completion of all shipping certificates

The services offered by us fulfil the custom clearance requirement and safe handling or management of cargo, courier or anything else.

All these tasks are supposed to be done within a perfectly streamlined operation. Our highly efficient, faster, reliable and safe services, then worldwide freight shipping is your first choice. We guarantee an efficient customs brokerage requirement to be handled with the utmost efficiency and care.

If you choose our custom clearance services, we promise you:

  • Be updated about delivery on all timelines
  • Closely abided by all instructions
  • Complete protection of your interests
  • Get updated during the complete process
  • Remain on schedule

We ensure our clients with a high quality service provided by the highly experienced and well trained team of individuals. The supply chain of our team members is highly equipped and proficient in completion of its task of custom clearance or anything else. Our strategic approach has been designed in such a way, so as to fulfil all its custom clearance or custom brokerage requirements.

We offer our services at a highly competitive price. We offer our services in different cities of China and have a tie up with several top ranking individual service providers, so as to build and maintain a

long term relationship with our clients. Our services are highly reliable, cost effective and professional in nature.

So, acquire our original services today by just making a call or sending a mail, as and whenever it is required. Our team of experts is very dedicated to serve you with our high quality and cost effective services.

Customs Clearance : As one of China’s freighting and logistics companies, we at Worldwide Freight Shipping also provide international clients with solutions for their customs clearance needs. We know that it’s typical for any distribution company to have to put up with serious customs clearance hassles that may require vast amounts of time, money and effort to complete. That’s why we provide a one-stop service guaranteed to take the hassle out of all customs clearance operations as a convenience to you and your business.

Customs Clearance services

Worldwide Freight Shipping possesses a team of highly trained professionals who work in tandem with other customs brokerage teams stationed at every railway, airport and seaport across China to provide a more formal and streamlined network for your importing and exporting needs. Our team is not only proficient in managing customs clearance but also troubleshooting if any problems arise during the process. Our team can fill proforma invoices, file declarations, manage importing and exporting clearance tasks and complete all shipping certificates, all within a perfectly streamlined operation, ensuring that you receive a fast and cost effective service.

If you require a fast, safe and affordable customs broking service managed by a highly experienced and reliable workforce, then Worldwide Freight Shipping is your no.1 choice. We guarantee that every customs brokerage requirement will be handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

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