It’s safe to say that running an e-commerce business is quite difficult. Also, as you may already know, in business there are always ways you can consider in order to improve your operations, sell more products and improve your relationship with customers. Speaking of which, one of the areas that almost any business could improve on is shipping.

Use free shipping supplies

Probably one of the biggest worries you should try to deal with right now is how you’re going to ship your customers’ orders. Well, the good news is that you can easily deal with this by ordering free supplies from the carriers in advance. Choose from padded pouches, padded envelopes, envelopes and also boxes and order as many of them as you think you need. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re going to ship fragile and very fragile items, you need to order a lot of Styrofoam packaging.

Write a clear return policy.

Any business has been there: a customer or more has ordered something and they decide to return it for various reasons. For this to be handled properly, you need to ensure that you have a clear return policy. This way, your clients will know what they have to do in the event they need to return one or more of the products that they have purchased from your store.

Use 2 tools for address validation

When it comes to addresses, they can be quite tricky and that is because in some cases, your clients may not get them right. Because of that, you need to use 2 tools in order to ensure that the address your customer has provided you with is correct.

Print shipping labels on stickers

Sticker labels are extremely helpful for businesses and that is because by using them, you’ll be able to easily ship your orders fast. Just keep in mind that in order to print them, you’re going to need a thermal label printer. For all the time you’re going to save by using them, don’t worry about costs, since they’re going to be recouped pretty fast.

Be upfront when it comes to shipping rates

Last but not least, every client you have is going to fully appreciate the full info you provide them when it comes to shipping costs. On average, about fifty six percent of shoppers will not complete a purchase due to added costs during checkout.