Hight quality Cargo Freight Shipping from China to USA

At Worldwide freight shipping is offering a high quality cargo shipping services to its clients across the world, so as to import their cargo shipping from China to USA or anywhere in the North or South America. This freight shipping to Americas is either done using its sea freight shipping services or airport freight shipping services. Our cost effective and reliable services are streamlined to perfection irrespective of the location for the shipping of the cargo.

We offer a variety of freight and shipping services across the world. We have our headquarters located in China along with its several affiliated branches in different cities of China. These locations include Dalian, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Hong King and many more. We are offering free import services to the major cities of Canada and USA, as well as Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Peru and Dominican Republic.

We are providing our freight shipping services to several other countries as well. These countries include European countries, UK, Asian countries, Oceania, Africa, etc. Not only to the above mentioned countries only, the shipping services by the worldwide freight shipping are also provided to several North and Latin American countries as well. These countries include:

Our services ensure a guaranteed satisfaction of their client’s desired needs at an affordable cost. Also, we are serving our valued clients with our sincere and honest services. Our services are designed in such a way, so as to meet and suit the tailored needs of our clients. We are among the leading freight shipping companies in the world, providing services to the global clientele.

We also offer some value added services like day definite express, time definite express, expedited delivery etc. without incurring any extra expense. Moreover, these services can be imported or exported outside China as well.

All the freight and shipping services provided by us are very well trusted by the individuals, which have already experienced our services.

Hence, it can be said that the worldwide freight shipping is the only international freight forwarder offering a plethora of freight and shipping services to its clients all over the world at a very reasonable price. Henceforth, avail our diligent services whenever required and wherever you are, within China or outside by just making a call or sending a mail.



Freight Shipping Services to North and Latin American countries

List of North and Latin American countries. Please contact if your destination country is not listed blow:

North America Shipping Services
  • Shipping From China to USA
  • Shipping From China to Canada


Central and South America Shipping
  • Shipping From China to Argentina
  • Shipping From China to Brazil
  • Shipping From China to Chile
  • Shipping From China to Colombia
  • Shipping From China to Dominican Republic
  • Shipping From China to Ecuador
  • Shipping From China to Mexico
  • Shipping From China to Panama
  • Shipping From China to Peru