In the recent years , companies around the world are increasingly turning to Vietnam as a reliable and low cost source of products and manufacturing from Asia at large.

Worldwide Freight Shipping is one of the top freight services ideal solution for both individuals and companies interested in fast and affordable Freight shipping from Vietnam to USA. We can export and import cargo on a global basis and have access to a punctual and reliable agent who assists and carries out any kind of shipment by air cargo, rail freight, ocean freight, but also truck freight and airfreight.

Whether you want to ship part loads, containers, excess baggage or maybe large packages, heavy machinery, pallets, documents, and more. We can assist our clients throughout the entire process and if required, we can also co-ordinate adjustment of delivery dates on customer’s request. 


Global Knowledge

We have agents located in all major ocean ports and airports around the world. This helps with the preparation of shipping documents to ensure compliance to Vietnam’s Customs export regulations and at customer’s intended destination. Unlike other freight services in the industry, we are fully dedicated to making sure you get the best price for all your shipping needs. Technology is a major factor that directly impacts businesses around the world and so we have made it a lot simpler for anyone to get quotes and also book our services online.


Fast Freight Quote

Whether you’re interested in Shipping from Vietnam to USA, UK and Europe or the rest of the world, we can help you get the best quotes instantly. This is a great way to get quotes for all your shipping needs and then compare them online in order to make the best choice for your needs and budget.


International Freight Logistics

Proper International freight logistics can make or break a business and that is why we ensure that no matter what you want to send and how much of it, it’s going to be delivered on time to the destination of your choice. We collaborate with a wide range of ports and airports worldwide and our agents make sure that shipments clear customs fast so that they can then be sent to theory destination.


Global Delivery Solutions

We are focused on offering some of the best global delivery solutions in the industry for all your freight needs. We offer time-definite services and work with many high-rated carriers in order to ensure that we never miss a delivery date. We also offer fixed schedule son all main routes.

Our solutions can be tailored to perfectly fit the needs of our customers. No matter if you’re an Original Brand Manufacturing company that wants to ship its products overseas or a small company that just needs to have one or more large items shipped within or outside the country, we can help you ship it fast and at an affordable cost. We have agents that can help you determine the steps you need to take in order to start shipping with us. Should you have any questions about anything related to getting your items from A to B, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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