Procure our cost effective warehousing and distribution services!!

We at the World Wide is providing our clients with all warehousing, consolidation and distribution services required at airports and sea ports in China with wholehearted commitment and dedication. We are to be considered as an alternative one stop supply solution, so as to make a choice. It may be either from flight to airport to address or from ship to port to store.

We know that to be a successful freight forwarder, it is essential to provide the relevant services to the clients with good quality, efficiency and promptness. This is why; we are striving our global clientele with reliable, flexible, professional and speed in moving their cargo or courier in the quickest turnaround time and being treated as a best warehousing and distribution company.

The services offered by us- the World Wide freight company are designed using a strategic approach, so as to fulfil the warehousing and consolidation needs of our clients.

How are our warehousing and distribution services beneficial to you??

  • By choosing our warehousing and distribution services, you are guaranteed with a number of things. This may include:
  • A streamlined approach and service to all types of business clients resulting in the elimination and reduction of wastage of time and money.
  • A one- stop solution suitable to all kinds of tailored needs and logistics requirements, including warehousing, transportation and distribution.
  • Work with cohesion with several individual service providers adhering to fulfilment of all your requirements under a single roof.
  • Gives a provision of a single communication system, so as to be updated throughout the transition process.
  • Optimum efficiency and optimum costs, so as to ensure a better deal with clients for warehousing and transportation leading to a reduction in the total lending costs as well.

Warehousing and distribution services offered by us

We, at the Worldwide freight are offering our clients with a wide range of warehousing and distribution services at every port and city in China. If you require a dedicated and committed service partner for your business, then our competitively priced, reliable warehousing and distribution services is highly recommended.

We offer plenty of services from pick up to consolidate goods for a single shipment to the facilitation of storage of cargo in the warehouse. Our services can be availed to ship your cargo anywhere in the world by making use of air, road, ocean or sea along with a consolidated invoice for every service that have been acquired.

Also, we offer our public warehousing services as well as warehousing services on the short term basis or contract basis. We offer a number of distribution services to our clients. These services may include:

  • Picking and packing
  • Loading and unloading
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Import and export
  • Local cartage and distribution
  • Port drayage with overweight
  • Transload and cross- dock services

We promise and ensure our clients for being on schedule, complete protection of their interests, the full responsibility of loading and unloading of cargo, etc. So, procure our diligent and efficient services by just sending a mail and making a call.

Warehousing And Distribution: At Worldwide Freight Shipping, we are dedicated to the cause of providing our clients all their warehousing, distribution and consolidation needs at all airports and sea ports in China. We offer our clients a plethora of one-stop supply chain services to choose from, be it from flight to airport to address, or from ship to port to store. We also understand that the success of your supply chain business relies upon our promptness and efficiency, which is why we strive to provide our global clients with the speed, flexibility and reliability with moving their cargo, hands down.

Warehousing Managment And Distribution

Advantages of choosing our Warehousing and Distribution services

By choosing the Warehousing and Distribution services offered by Worldwide Freight Shipping, you are guaranteed the following:

  •  A streamlined service for all your business, eliminating unnecessary waste of time and money
  • An all-in-one solution for  all your logistics requirements including warehousing, distribution or transportation
  • Anti-conflict between several independent service providers by adhering to all your logistics requirements under one roof. Also provides you with a single communication channel that keeps you updated throughout the process
  • Optimized total costs so you receive better deals for your warehousing and transportation, which also reduces your total landing costs

We Provide Warehousing Services

Worldwide Freight Shipping offers warehousing services at every major port and city in China. We ensure you that our pricing is highly competitive while our services are highly recommended if you require a reliable and dedicated partner for your business. We also offer a plethora of services from pick up to consolidating several goods for a single shipment as well as storage services at every one of our warehouses. Not only will we ship your cargo anywhere in the globe via express, sea or air, we will also provide you with a consolidated invoice for every service completed. We also offer our warehousing services and public warehousing services on a contract basis or short term basis.


We Provide Distribution Services

Worldwide Freight Shipping’s distribution services include:

  • Case pick and pack
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation
  • Transload and cross-dock services
  • Import and Export
  • Local cartage and distribution
  • Port drayage (including overweight)

Warehousing And Distribution

Our Promise To Our Customers

If you choose Worldwide Freight Shipping as your Chinese Consolidation Services partner, we promise to:

  • Update you on all delivery timelines
  • Abide by all your instructions closely
  • Completely protect your interests
  • Update you throughout transit time
  • Be fully responsible of your cargo loading and unloading
  • Remain on schedule



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